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Your first physical store, right next to Mathallen Oslo

Rental packages

Vulkan Showcase

Weekend Package

from 900,- / weekend
Vulkan Showcase

Week Package

from 1800,- / week
Vulkan Showcase

Day Package

from 2000,- / day
A single 200m2 showroom. The perfect event space.
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Everything you need is included

Display furniture to highlight your products.


Questions about Vulkan Showcase?

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What is Vulkan Showcase?
Can I come see the space?
Do you provide the payment system?
What are the opening hours?
What if I can't cover all the opening hours?
Do I need a company to apply?
Do I receive a confirmation from Paguro Spaces when my spot is booked?
Payment: How does it work?
Preparation of my space and logistic planning: how does it work?
Should I bring display furniture like shelves, tables or clothing racks?
What can be special requirements?
Can there be a competitive brand or product in the same period?
Communication and Marketing: who and what?
Is there a contract between Paguro Spaces (Vulkan Showcase) and my company?

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